Monday, June 13, 2011


Whew! Just when you think the work is over....

It doesn't seem like 3 months until we run Myth-a-Con again. We just ran one back in January and we are gluttons for punishment and doing it again for September. Now this is not a semi-annual event. Far from it. We had originally planned for the con to run in November of 2010. There was a "booking error" and we were forced to move into January. None-the less we had a fantastic turnout of miniatures players and role-players. 150 players and volunteers made the weekend so much fun.

Our original plan was to run it on the September long weekend in 2010 but the hall was not available. After January we rebooked the venue for September (we actually locked it in back in November 2010) but were given the news that the venue had booked a "major tennant" for every Sunday and we could no longer have that day. Now a Friday/ Saturday con sucks for those that have to travel, so off to find a new venue!

It did not take me long to get our new "home" the Marlbourough Park Community Association. Great place and we were able to book it for the next 3 years.

Now its time to get all the posters out and ramp up our advertising for it. I have been working for the past 4 hours updating websites, emailing volunteers and getting a hold of manufacturers for prize support.

And my part is pretty minor. For the Warhammer guys they are feverishly working on terrain sets for their tables. I am organizing WarMachine terrain building days to spruce up our forests and hills plus trying to build more scenery. There will be a lot of hills, forests and square buildings to fill up the tables!

So this week I need to finish the monsters for the D&D Open, get a rough draft from my partner of the story bits, contact all the manufacturers for prize support and run the posters to all the D&D shops in Calgary.

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  1. Damn blog... I tried to clean my laptop screen twice reading this!