Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some days I really love my store!

As many people know I always wanted to open this store. Yup, I am a true geek. I have wanted to open my own store since I was in highschool (and let's not start counting candles)! When I was growing up being a geek was a stigma. We had to endure "Mazes and Monsters" (kids ask your geek parents), "devil worship" and even more. My how things have changed!

Years later I got the store up and running! My main goal was to give us geeks and nerds a place to congregate and not be judged by the non-geeks out there. So each day we try to set up an event (or two) with a variety of different things for each person to try out. We have RPGs, Board Games, Minis and more scheduled.

We come to Easter Friday. I really did not know what to expect. It was a holiday afterall and that can mean we are either busy, or we are dead. You really can flip a gp and have a shot at figuring it out. So I got in right around noon. Minion C had opened the store and set up the day. We had a daunting task ahead of us. A SEALED MtG event. Now the problem was that we had been shorted by one of my suppliers on MtG product. It happens. I order it and they do not have it in stock. They did try to get me some other stuff, but with the holiday and shipping being down for the day I was not expecting anything. So we had enough Core 2012 boosters for only 15 players. Again a dilema as we could (and have) go well over that number. We had a lot of Dark Ascension and some 2012, but neither had enough to create a sealed event for over 20 players (something we have been hitting regularily for many weeks). EEP!

So as we my Minion and I were banging our heads together wondering what to do one of our regular players, Stephen overheard our problem and said "just combine them". I, not really being an MtG player asked "will that work"? "It will be interesting" was his response. So we went with a mash up of 2012 and Dark Ascension. The players all thought it was a weird mix, but it seemed to work. 20+ players arrived, grabbed their packs and made it one helluva fun event! It went from a disaster in the making to a really fun event that everyone seemed to enjoy! A huge relief!

Some days, I just love my game store! It's the players that make me truly proud of what I have worked on for 5 years. Sure, we get the occasional ass-hat, but normally 99% of the players are freindly, helpful and a ton of fun. It makes my 70 hour work week easier to enjoy.

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