Thursday, May 19, 2011

More about the blast furnace!

So now that I am back from vacation I can tell you a bit about the Blast Furnace for Khador.

Once again this is scratch built using some ideas from Terrain Thralls and some techniques I've learnt along the way. It's your basic foam core building with plasticard roofing and siding. The one thing that never occurred to me was to actually use the pieces I cut out of the building for the windows as the actual shutters! The fit perfectly and a couple small bent pieces of plasticard for hinges and done!

I placed a couple "out buildings" to give the building varied shape and size. Again this is because of a pet peeve of mine in WarMachine where players can use a terrain piece that is built "square" to guess their ranges better. Well this thing is nowhere near an even number when it comes to overall dimensions (esp with the furnace) and that is the way I am building all my WarMachine terrain from the Cryx board forward. (Eventually I will be rebuilding all of my "forest terrain" with odd shapes as well.)

The biggest thing I had to do was learn to cut the plastic tube for the blast furnace to fit the back of the building with a sloped roof. Never have done that before and without a lot of proper tracing tools I had to "eyeball" it and it turned out fairly well I might add! ;-)

The only thing left to do on it is weathering (rust, snow etc) and glue it down to its base. Should be done before the weekend and ready for the players on Friday.

Next up on my list:
-Finish off the Cygnar Terrain pieces (includes a small house and a few walls).
-Create a base plate for the Khador Avalanche Cannon so that we don't lose the parts!
-Begin the planning for the Menoth Board. Stealing the blueprints from Privateer Press No Quarter.
-Begin planning the forest city of Retribution

Hope to get another table or 2 of terrain done in June. July I would love to get 2 tables of Hordes themed terrain done. August will be a write off due to Myth-a-Con in September

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