Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Winners 4-29 to 5-1

Well, this weekend we had a lot of fun. Lots of events and of course lots of winners!

Let's rewind a bit to a week back when the HeroClix crew came in on Wednesday. We have a clix event fee to play on Wednesdays (either players buy something, or they buy an event ticket) and their names go into our draw box. The winner gets another entry. So over time we collect these tickets and when the bin is sufficiently full we draw for something "cool" that is Clix related. So when we drew last, Corey D won himself the Colossal Dr. Manhattan!

Friday was 2 Headed Giant Sealed for Magic the Gathering. We run that when we have the occasional 5th Friday in a Month. Teams purchase 7 packs of cards and build their decks and then go head to head (to head to head) with other teams. To make sure that everyone can play we make the teams a random pick. Lots of fun for all!

Our winners were the Team of Paul H and Devon B after 4 rounds of play and the cut to the top teams!

Then our big Magic the Gathering Nationals on Saturday! We started bright and early with 28 players duelling over 5 rounds. The top 8 were determined and playoffs began. Finally at 7:15pm (8 hours after we started) Sean H won 2-0 to claim his invite to the Nationals! Well done!

This was the first "competitive" event we have ever held. I'm quite proud that after only a few years of hosting FNM, Pre-releases and Launch Parties that we were given 1 of 3 qualifiers for Calgary. That's quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself (and so did our DCI head Judge Darren). I was very happy that we had no deck problems, only 2 minor penalties and a handful of judging questions at our event. Darren even commented that this was one of the smoothest running events he has been a judge at!

Finally we had our Sneak Peek for Yu-Gi-Oh on Sunday. 28 players made their way out to try out the new cards from "Extreme Victory". Konami has us run this event as "open play" which means no structured matches. Players just play who they want and as much as they want. I'll get more feedback from them later, but it's not really that interesting to me, and I would love to hear from the players if they would rather do a structured format next time. There were complaints that the prizes were lacking, but we only get so much from Konami that we are allowed to give out with the Open play format. Again, we will see what the players want and go from there.

There were 3 Extreme Victory playmats handed out and a Large format Yu-Gi-Oh deck box (and I do mean LARGE!). When I get the names of the winners I'll edit this and put their names up.

For now it's back to building Khador terrain for WarMachine! I may get a full terrain table built for Friday night! It will be a busy week with the release of Tomb Kings and 2 Pre-release events for Magic the Gathering (one Friday night 12:01am and Sunday at 12:00pm).

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